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Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Wed Mar 1 13:54:24 UTC 2006

> here a link to the page we should use for goodies stuff:
> it's just a mockup, i'll continue writing it ... feel free to do the same
> :).
> you can write an intro , change the table layout|columns entries and so
> on...
> It's important you write there what are the goodies you're pkging ..
> so i can play with others :). I subscribed to the page so i'll be
> notified of any changes.

It would be more useful imho if the table just said wether the plugin is
ported to 4.3,
packaged already for dapper, and if someone is working on it. Right now
tested, link and breezy
links are not too useful :). For those in dapper it could have a link to the
LP page of the package
which links to the bugs in malone.
and only have goodies there not plugins in the panel
(showdesktop,windowlist, taskbar) or the ones
in official xfce svn (mailwatch, mixer, xfdesktop) as these are all ported
and packaged.


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