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Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Tue Jun 27 14:55:55 UTC 2006

Hi all

last week at the UDS in Paris we had talked about a few Xubuntu related
Some of them were approved for Edgy some haven't (yet). The idea is that we
go on as
for Dapper and try to get as much of it done.

You can see the specs here by searching for xubuntu
and this which for some reason in not on that page

The main ones are getting printing to work as well as in Ubuntu and getting
more polish
to the menus. Other areas that need work is accessibility, multimedia and an
reducing of duplication of packages/apps with Ubuntu/Gnome where possible.
If people step
up for doing it there may be a lighter weight WM on the CD as well.

What will change for Edgy is that we have a strict release schedule, whereas
for Dapper there
was none actually. The last weeks of the cycle will be used for testing and
polish, and no last minute
changes as it was the case with dapper.

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