Edgy artworks

Eero Tamminen oak at helsinkinet.fi
Tue Jun 20 18:56:10 UTC 2006


On Tuesday 20 June 2006 07:29, jmak wrote:
> > I'd say that is a fairly compelling argument for keeping the artwork
> > fairly similar across the different flavours: good design is hard, do
> > we really need to duplicate the effort?

I would agree.  I don't see color or being "more usable" than Ubuntu
"the" things differentiating Xubuntu from K/Ubuntu, but things like:
- Ability to use Xubuntu over network (terminal server clients)
- Xubuntu being faster to boot, faster to use and in general working
  with less resources than K/Ubuntu
  - Ability to use Xubuntu on lower-end machine
- Despite this, still providing about the same functionality
  as K/Ubuntu

You can achieve this e.g. by ripping out performance sucking graphics
extravaganza; compositing, cairo/antialiasing, reducing number of fonts,
usage of less complex SVG gfx, removing anything requiring a lot of
communication between X server and clients etc.

In the graphics sense this would mean themes that:
- Have less/smaller images (takes less time to read them and if the
   width*height of images are smaller, they take also less memory)
- Having faster/lighter/simpler[1] themes than K/Ubuntu

[1] Meaning not simpler looks, but faster performance

All this would of course require profiling what happens in Xubuntu system.
There are quite a lot of tools for this nowadays, both system and process
performance specific:
- bootchart
- sysprof/oprofile
- xrestop
- smaps/pmap
- valgring/massif/callgrind
- memprof

	- Eero

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