nominate gmusicbrowser for an Xubuntu Music Player

Ronnie Whisler mrwislr at
Tue Jun 13 06:03:45 UTC 2006

dependencies are low stability is great and please check out all the
features and run it for a bit before making a decision  i really really
like it and i used quod libet for a very very long time and
gmusicbrowser is a lot faster less dependencies and a great fit for

On Tue, 13 Jun 2006 01:53:04 -0400
"Daniel T. Chen" <crimsun at> wrote:

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> Ronnie Whisler wrote:
> > Did all of you check out all the user interfaces under the misc.
> > tab in settings. I'm simply asking because i believe there are
> > about ten and Quod Libet - like is one of them as well as iTunes -
> > like.  And what about speed is obviously faster and mpg321 ogg123
> > and flac123 handle everything quod libet does plus you have the
> > option of using gstreamer if you want to.  So i thought it was more
> > about speed and lightweight Especially considering you can make it
> > look like Quod Libet anyway
> It's not /just/ about speed, dependencies, stability, and UI.
> What precisely is "Quod Libet-like" anyway, seeing how both these apps
> have at least five different UI presentations?
> Thanks,
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