nominate gmusicbrowser for an Xubuntu Music Player

David Keogh davekeogh at
Mon Jun 12 21:02:13 UTC 2006

On 6/12/06, Daniel T. Chen <crimsun at> wrote:
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> David Keogh wrote:
> > Does a Gstreamer dependency automatically disqualify an app from
> inclusion
> > in Xubuntu? It's not that large a dependency, and Gstreamer seems well
> on
> > it's way to becoming the standard for audio playback on the linux
> desktop.
> Not in any way, shape, or form does a GSt dependency disqualify an app
> from inclusion. The bar in this case, however, is a bit higher since
> we're discussing the /default/ audio player (if indeed we choose to
> separate audio and video players).
> The route decided at last week's Xubuntu meeting was to choose gxine
> initially for Edgy (since we already use xine-lib) instead of xfmedia
> and to continue evaluating GSt-based apps.
> If either Quod Libet or gmusicbrowser is to be chosen, a lot more
> community input needs to be forthcoming. :-)

My vote would be for Quod Libet over gmusicbrowser FWIW.

I like GXine as a video player, but I don't think it's much use as an audio
player. I can understand not wanting to seperate the audio and video players

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