nominate gmusicbrowser for an Xubuntu Music Player

Ronnie Whisler mrwislr at
Mon Jun 12 14:58:15 UTC 2006

First off Quod Libet relys on Gstreamer which automatically makes it a
heavier app Gmusicbrowser can either use gstreamer and its perl
bindings  or  mpg321/ogg123/flac123/amixer I use mpg321/ogg123/flac123.
I have used them both on a variety of machines and gmusicbrowser is a
lot lighter and faster and has just as many features if not more.
Including an excellent tag editor :) There are many layouts/interfaces.
Including a quod-libet like , iTunes like, and many many more. Just try
it. There is a deb on the site.

main features :

    * fast even with 10,000s of songs (developped with over 17000 songs on a duron800)
    * powerful browser which doesn't interfere with the playlist
    * artist/album lock : easily restrict playlist to current artist/album
    * easy access to songs related to the currently playing song
          o songs from the same album
          o album(s) from the same artist(s)
          o songs with same title (other versions, covers, ...)
    * support ogg vorbis, mp3 and flac files (and mpc with gstreamer)
    * fully featured tag editor (support all id3 versions, limited support for APE & lyrics3 tags)
    * simple mass-tagging and mass-renaming
    * support multiple genres for a song
    * support multiple artists for each song by separating them with '&'
    * customizable named 'flags' can be set for each song (ex : bootleg, live, -'s favorites, ...)
    * filter history in the browser window
    * filters with unlimited nesting of conditions
    * customizable weighted random mode (based on rating, last time played, flag, ...)
    * tray icon, with tip window
    * customizable window layouts (layout documentation draft)
    * plugin system (experimental), included plugins :
          o nowplaying (to update an external program when the playing song changes)
          o fetch cover from google image
          o simple lyrics
          o MozEmbed : use the mozilla engine to display wikipedia artist page and search lyrics with google


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> How does this player stack up against Quod Libet 0.21 [with Mutagen
> 1.4]?
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