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Mon Jun 5 14:43:06 UTC 2006

Op Man, 5. June 2006 16:17 daniele favara schrievt:
> On 6/5/06, Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at> wrote:
> > > i've seen xfce has SOC projects ... what if we ask to add to
> > > libthunar-vfs ssh support?
> >
> > Was Xfce accepted to SoC? Got a link?
> >
> > > Since "time" now i'm administering xubuntu-it section of
> > >, that's a feature users ask with file-manager + samba .
> > >
> > > as i tried for dapper i'd porpose again a desktop search tool ...
> > > pkges are ready in revu .. at least we can see how the devel reacts
> > > and if he'll contribute with xubuntu. So mainly having those packages
> > > in universe would be a first step.
> >
> > I agree a search tool is needed. Even a simple Ctrl-F (again Win95 style)
> > not necessarily
> > a beagle-like one, although the latter is nice too of course.
> no .. no beagle no mono .. pure c++


Description: Simple Document Indexing System for Humans: C++ version
 SWISH++ is a Unix-based file indexing and searching engine
 (typically used to index and search files on web sites).  It
 was based on SWISH-E although SWISH++ is a complete rewrite.
 SWISH++ was developed to circumvent author's difficulties with
 using the SWISH-E package.
   * Lightning-fast indexing
   * Indexes META elements, ALT, and other attributes
   * Selectively not index text within HTML or XHTML elements
   * Intelligently index mail and news files
   * Index Unix manual page files
   * Apply filters to files on-the-fly prior to indexing
   * Index non-text files such as Microsoft Office documents
   * Modular indexing architecture
   * Index new files incrementally
   * Index remote web sites
   * Handles large collections of files
   * Lightning-fast searching
   * Optional word stemming (suffix stripping)
   * Ability to run as a search server
   * Easy-to-parse results format
   * Generously commented source code

It only needs a gui frontend, e.g. in python.

I'm using it on my documetation partition (2.5Gb) and never saw a faster 
search and indexing tool like swish++. And so it was on my old machine, AMD 
K6-III 500Mhz, should be comparable to a PIII 400Mhz.


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