some ideas about edgy

dolby dubbysounds at
Mon Jul 31 20:24:49 UTC 2006

about thunar: cant handle many selections at once eg. when u select two
directories cant view properties etc. if something could be done that would
be nice

about xfburn: it cant write dvd's & audio yet even though theres an option
for 4.7gb etc, at this point an intergrated gnomebaker would be the best
choice imo

an intergrated bittorrent client. at this point bittorrent 4.x.x or
bittornado seem like the logical choice. i would prefer the 1st cause it can
handle multiple torrents on the same window

nice to see that update notifier will be in the default install

about intergrated audio player: audacious
( seems to be the logical choice
at this point as most others seem to be a bit stuck in development or are
not just media players

last but not least (i dont know if thats easy to be done) i would prefer not
having printing support installed by default but only if u actually have a


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