How to create separate libxfce4mcs-cliend&manager packages?

Harold Aling h.aling at
Mon Jul 31 19:19:05 UTC 2006

Jani Monoses wrote:
> On 7/31/06, *Harold Aling* <h.aling at <mailto:h.aling at>> 
> wrote:
>     Hi there,
>     I'm in the process of switching from Gentoo to Xubuntu since
>     Gentoo was
>     taking too much time to keep up-and-running. The only requrement is to
>     have my daily/regular/unstable/automated svn installations of the
>     XFCE
>     environment also available here...
> I have such a setup but without generating .debs . I just make install 
> in ~/install/xfce-svn
> and I can choose that or the system install from gdm, or mix and match 
> the two
> installs by runnig apps from either of them in the same session.
That's interesting, haven't thought of that... You just compile with 
--prefix=/home/<username>/install/xfce-svn ?

I will probably only run the svn version. Is it possible to boot into it 
using a special gdm session so that all the svn packages will be used?

> This way it's easier to check whether svn fixed or broke something vs 
> the ones from the repository.
> If you make debs you override the packages from ubuntu so possible bug 
> reports will be less useful.
> Jani

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