Jelle de Jong - wacom tablet isue with xfce window system -

Jelle de Jong jelledejong at
Wed Jul 26 14:59:43 UTC 2006


I have a problem with my wacom tablet under xubuntu.

When I dubble click with a normal mouse on the title bar of a window it 
will toggle between normal and maximize windows size. When i want to do 
this with my wacom stylus it will not work.

I figured out why it will not work can it be fixed?

The window manager want the dubble click at the exact same spot. And 
this is no problem with a normal mouse because it stands still. But with 
a handhold stylus this is almost imposable and very trick to accomplish. 
Even with mouse settings the most insensitive settings.

I also have the problem that there is no scrollweel on the stylus. And I 
can't scroll. How do I change settings that a mouse button click will 
automatic grab the scrollbar when it is pressed. Then I can just move 
the pointer and the the scrollbar will move too.

I also posted this question on the ubuntu forum by the wacom how to 
topic, but its more xubuntu issue.

Please help me?

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