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Wed Jul 19 19:04:34 UTC 2006

Hi all,

Since my last update a few things has happened regarding xubuntu
artwork development that I thought would be beneficial to report to
the xubuntu community.
As you know from my last update, I incorporated xubuntu visual
development to be part of the ubuntu art development process.
Since then we got overwhelming approval of our logo. In fact, my logo
proposal turned out to be so popular among the community, including Mr
Shuttleworth, that they asked me to create one in the same style for
ubuntu as well. This was Mr shuttleworth's reaction: "Very classy!"
Now, I am working on the ubuntu logo as well, which is already
nominated to be one of the official logo for ubuntu.

If you want to know what's going in this regard you can take a look here.


Currently, I am also working on some ubuntu splash screen projects.
You can see the designs here:


I am also planning to develop a glossy splash for xubuntu along the
lines you can see on the page above. Glossy, glossy, glossy, this is
the mantra, this is what Mr shuttleworth is pushing for edgy. But our
splash needs some animation indicating activities during the boot up.
I already have some ideas regarding this, that I will post here, as
well as on the art ubuntu site simultaneously, as soon as I put them

I also have some ideas regarding wallpapers.

The usplash probably will be developed together with the other siblings.

What we don't have yet is a good default gtk theme. Viper made a
proposal that he posted on the xubuntu proposals wiki page.

(I will delete the ubuntu artworks soon, so that the page, in the
future will include only xubuntu related artworks; scroll down to the
bottom of the page to see viper's proposal)

But I found a really good gtk them that would be excellent for edgy
with some modifications. The theme is 'Blubuntu' and can be found


It is part of the official edgy theme development project; simple blue
and will be glossified. I think this theme could be excellent as a
default theme for xubuntu, provided, it will be developed the way
intend. If you think so too let me know and I will get in touch with
the developer asking him to develop a version with our color scheme as
well. The theme is also include an icon theme and a window décor.

Currently, unfortunately, what we don't have is a good icon theme. The
blue tango doesn't really fit for it is too blue, lacking contrast; it
would be great, if we could find an attractive icon set for edgy. I
keep my eyes open and this is what I ask from everyone to do; there is
still time and lets hope we will find a good fit for edgy.

One more thing; a few weeks back I sent a help request to the
community about creating a drop shadow under the username box. I have
not received any reply for that. Should this be interpreted that no
one knows how to achieve this effect, or this was just an oversight.
Please let me know because this effect would really  cool to implement
and would add a sense of class to edgy.

My goal is to make xubuntu the number 2 flavor of the ubuntu family.
We have a chance to pass kubuntu in popularity on the disrtowatch
either in edgy or in the post-edgy circle. This is where the artworks
comes in (in accord, with the lightweight-ness requirements, of

By the way, anyone who is interested what's going on in kubuntu edgy
art development, can take a look at here:


And lastly, something that only indirectly belong to the subject
discussed above. Probably, some of you read the article about Mr
Shuttleworth's speech, he recently delivered in Dublin. If not here is
a quote from his speech:

"Coders tend to ignore the outward 'prettiness' of applications, not
realizing that 'pretty' is a feature."

Sorry that this post got a bit longish.

J. Mak


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