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Thu Jul 13 20:39:22 UTC 2006

On 7/13/06, Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I will know more definite. But even if not, why should we follow
> > blindly what the ubuntu people do. In this way, we always follow and
> > never lead.
> Well you can't say look what k/ubuntu is doing why do we not do the
> same, and then
> later in the same thread say we should not follow what they do, if
> that no longer supports the particular direction you want to go.


I wrote up those lines fast and maybe I wasn't clear enough. But in
fact, there is no contradiction there. I was just responding to the
question asking about the textrues on the ubuntu wiki page. And the
second part was meant to boost the self-confidence of this list;
because I think, in visual matters, there is some lack of
self-confidence here; which is understandable from people without
artistic background.  But whatever is the case, I still believe that
we can do things at least as good as the ubuntu people, despite of the
fact that the majority of their artwork is being made by a paid
graphic agency.
Believe me, I hate to refer to this ubuntu stuff over and over again,
but I have no choice because people don't believe unless they get
confirmation from the other side.
> > The logo, I am proposing, cannot be considered change, I merely
> > stylized of the old one to be more in style with the general
> > improvements in other software.
> you could try making the same changes to the IBM, SUN or CocaCola
> logos and see if they are merely stylized versions of the old or
> entrirely new and unfamiliar images.
> Not that xubuntu has the same popularity of course and not as many
> people would go hmm???!! but still the change is pretty fundamental.

In fact, changing the logo is not that unusual. Four or five years
ago, Apple computer remade its logo.  And even the suse logo was
modified after Novell bought it. Before, it was the entire lizard but
now, I think, only the head remained. And I am sure if IBM would come
up with new products or direction they would modify their logos as
Regarding our logo, it might be that it remains the same; when Mark
will come back to the mailing list, I will definitely bring this logo
thing up with him. I wonder what he thinks.

Speaking of logos. Here are the newest proposals ubuntu artists
submitted about the logo for edgy. (Here we go again.)




If you look at them carefully they represent the same kind of
modifications I did with our logo. These are still proposals though.
But I am asking those who are so adamantly oppose the chanages, that
if ubuntu will go down that proposed path would they change their mind
or still would oppose the logo modification as before.

J. Mak


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