Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Thu Jul 13 04:54:02 UTC 2006

> I will know more definite. But even if not, why should we follow
> blindly what the ubuntu people do. In this way, we always follow and
> never lead.

Well you can't say look what k/ubuntu is doing why do we not do the
same, and then
later in the same thread say we should not follow what they do, if
that no longer supports the particular direction you want to go.

> The logo, I am proposing, cannot be considered change, I merely
> stylized of the old one to be more in style with the general
> improvements in other software.

you could try making the same changes to the IBM, SUN or CocaCola
logos and see if they are merely stylized versions of the old or
entrirely new and unfamiliar images.
Not that xubuntu has the same popularity of course and not as many
people would go hmm???!! but still the change is pretty fundamental.

> "It's perhaps worth pointing out that Ubuntu is NOT a democracy.
> We have open processes, open governance, and transparency throughout.
> But we also try to get the "best" person to execute a given part of
> it, and give them freedom to do it the way THEY think is best. We draw
> the best talent from the community, then we give it the authority to
> run with it's vision, even if there are voices trying to slow it
> down."

Noone is trying to slow you down, we just have to make sure you (or
anyone else) do not put in a lot of effort into something which does
not get feedback early on.
'Release early and listen to the feedback' is valid for most things
here including artwork.


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