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Tue Jul 11 18:50:19 UTC 2006


On Tuesday 11 July 2006 12:48, email.listen at wrote:
> > > Installing OpenOffice is very easy with Synaptic, though, should you
> > > need it.
> >
> > ok. and, an equivalent product to make presentations?
> May be you should have a closer look on LyX.

LyX would be great! 

It has Qt and XForms versions, which one would be preferable?

I think Qt UI would be better, it looks nicer and IMHO just works better.
NOTE: the Qt version requires only libqt, no KDE etc. libraries.

After loading a few page document, on my machine the memory usage
is following:
eero at linux:/home/eero> grep Vm[RD] /proc/7893/status
VmRSS:     13220 kB
VmData:     3076 kB

> LyX is a LateX based documentation tool.

LaTeX requirement could be a problem.  It requires quite a lot of disk

> It offers an easy gui-based interface as you know it from common word
> processors as Abiword or

Some screenshots of LyX in action:

> The type of a new document is defined by so called 
> document classes, as it is done in LaTeX.

The best part of LyX is that it doesn't allow user to fiddle with layout,
this is a real time saver. The document classes handle layout.

Another great thing is the ease of doing cross-references, indeces and
bibligraphy and double column text. For example cross-referencing is real
pain in MS Word and OpenOffice, or at least it was few years ago when
compared to Lyx.

Handling large tables is awkward, that works better in OO etc. On the other
hand you can put things like figures into so called "floats" which LyX
(actually LaTeX) will place where it's typographically most appropriate.
No need to fiddle with image placement and add empty lines to get images
where you want.  LyX has handled all this for the last 10 years (I remember
using it on my P133)...

> So for a letter you would use the letter or koma-letter class, for a
> documentation as a thesis or a book or koma-book class and for a
> presentation you may use prosper or beamer class.

Do these come by default with LyX or LaTeX?

	- Eero

PS. I don't use any special document type for (text style) presentations.
I just set the page size very small so that the default text size is
suitable for presentation when page is scaled to fullscreen.  Then I save
the doc as PDF and show it in xpdf or acroread. :-)

Here's an example of what it looks like:

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