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Am Tue, 11. July 2006 11:14 schrieb Albertito:
> 2006/7/11, Luzi Thöny <lucius.antonius at>:
> > On 7/11/06, Albertito <atetinho at> wrote:
> > > hello,
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> > >  why doesn´t OpenOffice appear as installed in XUbuntu? Sorry by the
> > > question but I come from Ubuntu.
> > >
> > > thanks!
> >
> > OpenOffice is too big and too resource-hungry for Xubuntu. Xubuntu
> > prefers smaller, faster applications like AbiWord for Wordprocessing and
> > Gnumeric for Spreasheets.
> >
> > Installing OpenOffice is very easy with Synaptic, though, should you need
> > it.
> ok. and, an equivalent product to make presentations?
May be you should have a closer look on LyX.

LyX is a LateX based documentation tool. It offers an easy gui-based interface 
as you know it from common word processors as Abiword or
The type of a new document is defined by so called document classes, as it is 
done in LaTeX. 

So for a letter you would use the letter or koma-letter class, for a 
documentation as a thesis or a book or koma-book class and for a presentation 
you may use prosper or beamer class. For (complex) spreadsheats you can use 
gnumeric and export it to LaTeX. This can be imported to LyX afterwards but 
it needs some LaTeX fizzeling, at least on the first time.

The workflow is diferent than those you may be familiar with in a 
wordprocessor, a presentation applicaton or a spreadsheet application.

What is a strong argument pro LyX is its tremendous layout, very professional, 
as you know it from LaTeX based publications from O'Reilly or Prentice Hall.
And due to the fact that it is LaTeX based it don't change its document format 
every qouple of month.

I'm using LyX for my Linux and Unix course material and I'm using it since 
years. Unlike others I hadn't to convert my documents to new file formats. So 
I would judge LyX as a very sustainable and long lasting tool(set). 
But it needs some (sometimes more) LaTeX knowledge if you want to do really 
nifty things. But there is a very friendly LyX users list and a extensive 
LyX-wiki where you will find a lot of support and help, exspecially for 

Another presentation tool is magicpoint 
(the deb is named mgp, you will find it in synaptic)

mgp needs very few reccources and is damned fast even on very old hardware, 
e.g. a P-III 300. A presentation is defined by a text file which has 
the 'commands' for the mgp engine. It looks a bit like a shell script, but 
it's easy to understand and to learn.

At there is a small article / 
tutorial 'From Power (point) to Magic(point) - Presentations using your Linux 
box' which shows a mgp file.


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