Bug in Xfce panel

Oblio apa.chioara at gmail.com
Sat Jul 1 21:11:37 UTC 2006

> Hi
> I think  I'll only push fixes for serious bugs only to dapper updates for
> now. Maybe after we have 4.4beta2 in edgy
> and looks stable it could make it to dapper-updates as well. I understand
> the need of newer Xfce without needing to leave Dapper but thing will  
> have
> to go via Edgy first. So let's wait for 4.4 beta2 to come out, get it in
> Edgy and we'll see after that.
> Jani

Ok, sound right. There are several other glitches as well. For example, if  
I set
the taskbar plugin to show windows from only the current workspace, and I  
get a
message in a Gaim windows from a totally different workspace, it shows it  
in the
taskbar, blinking. Very annoying...

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