xfce4 svn snapshot

Juan Jose Pablos juanjo at apertus.es
Tue Jan 31 11:58:02 UTC 2006

Colin McDermott wrote:
> Which is why I am such an advocate for rox-filer. There seems to be an 
> assumption that users want everything to pop up in front of them when it 
> is plugged in. Perhaps they do....(though this can create 
> confusion)..But I think the main thing that users want is quick ways to 
> get around from /home (or their hd/files) to /media (or their cdroms) 
> and to look at an uncomplicated interface. Rox-filer does this well. 

I agree about the need of a quick way to get to /media. My only issue 
with rox-file is the use of ctrl+x to delete files. supr seems more 
natural today.

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