Dependency problems with dapper and xubuntu

Juan Jose Pablos juanjo at
Tue Jan 31 10:35:00 UTC 2006

daniele favara wrote:
> On 1/31/06, Juan Jose Pablos <juanjo at> wrote:
>> Jani Monoses wrote:
>>>     i forgot one thing here ... it will be important for artists that will
>>>     play with usplash theme ... do not use images with borders ... or your
>>>     image will be a rectangle onethe middle of the screen when using a
>>>     resolution different from 640x480.
>>> The new usplash images are 640x400 because vga16fb works on more
>>> machines with this resolution. The xubuntu image has not been changed yet.
>> Where is the original xubuntu-artwork.png ?
> apt-get source xubuntu-artwork-usplash

>> I guess that this is a matter of modify to the right resolution then
>> build with BOGL right?
> not exactly ... as you would porbably be able to select your resolution.
> 640x480 is fine because it works even on old machines, but if u
> generate a 1024x640 image then you'll have same problem as now.

I was thinking about 640x400 instead of 640x480 and this seems to be the 
problem right?

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