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Erik Harrison erikharrison at xfce.org
Mon Jan 30 20:03:34 UTC 2006

On 1/30/06, Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at gmail.com> wrote:
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> > Xffm in SVN provides desktop icons as well, and it's ready now.
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> I was under the impression you advocated thunar earlier ;)

I think Thunar is the better file manager, yes. ;-) But Daniele seems
to have a project of their own that might benefit from Xffm rather
than reimplement it on their own

> I did not try xffm4 from svn yet, mostly because it has a more complicated
> building procedure.
> Seriously, do you think xffm4 would be more suitable that thunar by April?

Depends on what you mean by stable. I know Edscott and Benedikt at
this point to know that by "official" 4.4 release time, Xffm is more
likely to be Feature Complete. If you consider Xffm to be an
acceptable file manager (I use it, but not very happily I will admit),
then Xffm will be ready to go.

> I see it is frenetically updated almost daily, as if it wasn't really
> stabilizing, but so is thunar in a way.

That's a little misleading. The whole story is longish, but Xffm
includes a whole bunch of little tools that aren't even necessarily
file management releated and can be built seperately from Xffm that
for historical reasons live in the same source tree.

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