daniele favara danjele at
Thu Jan 19 11:31:40 UTC 2006

i would suggest to take a look even on xtdesktop.

there are anyway issues with both:

the menu uses xlibs, maybe an hack to fix it in gtk is needed ?

other issue is that if you want to add an icon , a device icon for
example, from within ivman, you'll need to kill and restart the app.

i really think something better is needed here, to hack such apps
shouldn't be that hard for a c coder, there are just two files:

menu.c and menu.h

that need to be fixed for gtk.

even write one from scratch could be an idea ... i could take a look
on it ... but i'll use python .. and maybe here is not the best choice
(for sure).

what do you think ?

if you agree with me ... is there any c coder that could do that ?



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