Howto change default applications for mime-types (in thunar)

Benjamin Geese cowfama at
Sat Jan 14 14:23:34 UTC 2006


im using Xubuntu with Breezy and i love it. Thank you very much for
doing this.

I have a small problem with thunar which, in my opion, should affect
other applications as well:
thunar opens files with the associated "default application". this
worked fine for me, util i installed audacity. now when i click on a ogg
or mp3 file, audacity opens instead of beep-media-player or xfmedia.

So my question is : Where does thunar gets its information which
mime-type should be opened with which application.
Where can i change the default-application fpr a specific mime-type.

Google answers: use nautilus, which i dont want to install.


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