Music player, Evince vs. xpdf, and 16 bit wallpaper

Wouter Coene wouter at
Tue Jan 10 00:14:10 UTC 2006

According to Michael Moore (stuporglue at
> Does anyone know what the problem is? Are there too many colors in the
> images, or some other problem? It may be something as simple as
> resaving the current background with different settings.

That's because whatever's responsible for downsampling the background image
doesn't dither it.

If you want to optimise it for 16/8-bit displays, just use gimp: image ->
mode -> indexed -> generate optimum palette and make sure colour dithering
is turned on. No need to get the original image.

Wouter "very interested in where this is going, as I'm fed up with Gnome and
	dislike KDE" Coene

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