Music player, Evince vs. xpdf, and 16 bit wallpaper

Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Mon Jan 9 19:53:35 UTC 2006

> 1) I'd like to propose a music player (CDs, ogg, mp3) for Xubuntu. Can
> I just add it to the XubuntuProposedPackages wiki page under Proposed,
> or is there a more formal proposal method?

sure just add to the wiki after reading the big fat warning at the top :)
I like xmms too for playing music but I think shiping it with mp3
as it is by default is a no-go on an official CD. The same reason
are pretty crippled too when it comes to playing popular media formats :(

> 2) I noticed that Evince is the proposed PDF viewer. I realize that
> Xpdf looks funny and old, but I find it more reliable at viewing PDFs
> and have never had it crash on me. Evince doesn't refresh propperly
> when scrolling and has crashed several times for me. Is this just me?

I personally consider evince the best free software app to emerge in 2005 :)
no more acroread! It is probably not as stable as xpdf but it is way nicer
and constantly improving. I just recently got crashes with it but it's a
gtk  bug
not evince's fault.

3) Some older graphics cards can't do 1024x800 at 24 bits but can at
> 16, or have better DPI or FPS with 16 bits. The default wallpaper gets
> funny streaks at 1024x800 with 16 bits
> It only
> seems to happen to the wallpaper. I'm not sure how to solve this, but
> maybe we could make the wallpaper optimized for 16 bits?

sure. But don't look at me, unfortunately I cannot draw ;)

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