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> i'll continue writing in case you think it can be somehow useful for you.
Hi Daniele

this is all very nice and comprehensive, thank you!

Xfce Menu: I have also thought of setting up the panel/menu as ubuntu does
with gnome
They use two panels actually, the top is menu + launchers + systray, while
the one on the bottom
is the taskbar + show-desktop icon + trash IIRC. Since the 4.4 panel can run
multiple instances I think
we could have a similar setup. Taskbar inside main panel clutters too much

The system menu definitely needs a reorganization it has way too many items
especially the settings submenu.
We should go towards a simple setup again looking at what the gnome camp
does but not exagerrating ;)
Having a Places menu would be great too. We need to see if maybe a new type
of panel plugin can be written
which would just call thunar on various items in that menu.

it makes sense having the gdm artwork in the artwork package, but I put it
in settings because we'll likely
have to override /etc/gdm stuff to and so we don't have two places for gdm
stuff. But I am also thinking of just
merging artwork in the settings package, that's what kubuntu has too.

You ask 'an xfce-xubuntu splash could be needed'. I thought of this, the
nice mouse in the ubuntu wheel animation
is the perfect splash for xubuntu ;). But I also noticed that when splash
screens are enabled startup is slower.
I'd rather see if we can make the desktop start faster some way than using
splashes. However if the latter is the case
a xubuntu specific one would be preferable to the defaults.

esetroot vs xfdesktop. I have not used esetroot so I cannot comment. What
would be the advantages? I also assume you mean we still keep xfdekstop for
the system menu right?

Proposed apps:

* monkeyd: a httpd server is outside the scope of xubuntu-desktop so we'll
just let people use what they want (apache, boa whatever) especially since
running a server is not going to be one of the main use cases for xubuntu.

* gnome-ppx: this is again better handled as part of the ubuntu dial up spec
so gnome benefits too. If it works already it would
be nice to include it though, I assume there will be more need for dialup
among xubuntu users than among the ones having more modern hw.

* emelfm2: not in the default install, it may go on the CD. Is it
mature/stable etc? We'll just have one file manager in the default

Volume manager (ivman)

I know gentoo starts ivman as an init script, while we so far do it from
xinitrc. The latter means it runs with user privileges
but I don't know which approach is better really. Since ivman can be told
where to look for config files I imaging there can be
parallel installs of xfce/fluxbox/icewm each using separate ivman
configurations started by their scripts not from a system central location

notification icons in the panel(systray) on devices added would be very
cool. Checking out notification-daemon & co has been on my TODO list, but
please take a look at it by all means. We may just have to write a similar
panel plugin as gnome has
which talks to the daemon through dbus. :  it would still be better if ivman got it right so we don't
use another script in the already too complicated stack
of detecting new devices and the associated work. It used to work till
recently so I suspect an ivman/udev/hal misinteraction.

as for camera I think gtkam or gqview are more appropriate as gthumb is
gnome app. But thunar also shows image thumbnail
so it's not a bad idea either. And if the cam is an usb-storage device is
will just be a 'normal' new volume which thunar handles.
Printer detection: I think even ubuntu has not this right yet, they are
working on it.

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