irc meeting / isos

daniele favara danjele at
Sun Jan 8 17:50:59 UTC 2006

> john levin wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > Two questions:
> > 1: Should we have an IRC meeting sometime soon to discuss Xubuntu,
> > what needs to be done, get to know eah other etc?
> > 2: Has there been any progress with making ISOs? (I did take a look at
> > the procedure over the Xmas break, but it's well beyond my current
> > capabilities.)
> >

1: i think it could be a nice ideas for us that would help, and maybe
it could even be a nice idea to try to write out a "TO-DISCUSS" list
...  i'll write down some topics i would discuss on a wiki page. i'll
post here the link when it's done. Then if someone else will do the
same, JaniMonoses could merge the accepted ideas.

2: i can help on this, mainly for livecd, even if i've never used
ubuntu approach (casper), i think i could have the needed experience
to try. if you know a link or a contact to get some infos i could
start to take a look.



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