Run programs at login and background image at 1024x786

Michael Moore stuporglue at
Mon Jan 2 00:20:06 UTC 2006

Hi there!

I. Run programs at login time
Is there a file that I can add programs to be started at log-in time?
I'd like gnome-volume-manager and xscreensaver to run. I've considered
using the "save session" feature, but I'm giving this computer to a
linux novice. Since the save session feature isn't hidden, I'm afraid
they'll play with it and lose gnome-volume-manager and xscreensaver
pretty easily, so I'd rather have it tucked away somewhere.

II. The wallpaper looks funny on most of the machines I install on at
1024x786. Instead of a smooth gradient, it's banded. See here: I haven't been
able to pinpoint what's causing it, but it doesn't happen at 800x600
or 600x400.

Thank you!
Michael Moore
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