Start xscreensaver at login?

Michael Moore stuporglue at
Mon Feb 20 22:40:00 UTC 2006

> the line in xinitrc seems to launch it if you're not root and not logging in
> through vnc.
> are you sure that xinitrc is run?
> if it runs maybe xscreensaver crashes, see if there's any message on the
> terminal you started
> X from.

I'm actually using gdm. When I stopped gdm and just ran "startx" Xfce
started, but xinitrc was not run. if I ran xinit
/etc/xdg/xfce4/xinitrc then it would and xscreensaver would run. In
gdm, Xfce was started by just logging on, but it didn't start
xscreensaver. I selected "Xfce4" for my session, and now it does run. ivman doesn't start on log on, even though xscreensaver does!

If I can't get it to start with saving the session, I'll just throw it
in the init file too.

Thank you!
Michael Moore
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