Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Tue Feb 14 07:45:58 UTC 2006

> Sure ... i just think it's not nice for xubuntu image to change the
> logo one time the website  is up....
> the circle + mouse is fine ... but we should change the colors ...

well the site could indeed reside somewhere else for start so the colrs need
not be final.

> maybe an announce|call for artists at ubuntu-art could be useful too?

I think so. But let's wait till we have the 4.3 packages installable and
possibly the first ISO created
so they have somehting to work on.

> Before startring on that we need to get closer to the final panel configs
> > and app selection so the doc writers
> > can wrk on a final version.
> let me know how i can help here ... will you patch the default setting
> or will you use xubuntu-default-settings ?

I didn't think about this yet. Patching would be easier or else we'd have to
use diverts or altrenatives
and that's more work.

If your pkges (debian dir and rules) are available i could even help
> on testing and checking xfce debs ... for ex thunar doesn't install
> the icon ... it would be just a way to get them faster and not send
> patches through launchpad for the first upstream.

If by my packages you mean the changes for 4.3 I'll put them online soon.
Right now most are uploaded but the libs are waiting in the NEW queue
all others uninstallable. They are NEW because the binary names changed to
a bit more to the library packaging guide:libxfce4util-1 became
libxfce4util1 and so on.
They are the 4.2 ones modified. As for thunar it's coming from debian.
I asked for a thunar sync from debian as our current version is a bit old.
So both the libs and exo/thunar are waiting for elmo to handle them.

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