Jani Monoses jani.monoses at
Tue Feb 14 06:56:24 UTC 2006

> >
> > we need to think of something to fill with by release
> > time. Ripoffs of ubuntu/kubunt/edubuntu sites
> > are greatly encouraged ;)
> >
> Yes ... and for that we should define even "logo" and color-palette|scheme
> ...
> any proposals ?

Yes, the mouse in the ubuntu circle ;)
Color palette, I don't know.
What is needed though for the site is content. A good starting point is the
about page in xubuntu-docs.
Before startring on that we need to get closer to the final panel configs
and app selection so the doc writers
can wrk on a final version.
There's no hurry with the site, I just wanted to bring it up so people have
time to think whether they have time to help.

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