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Mon Feb 13 02:16:38 UTC 2006

On Sat, Feb 11, 2006 at 12:10:10PM +1100, Colin McDermott wrote:
> Michael Moore wrote:
> I agree memory is the big issue. Namely Openoffice takes forever to 
> start. I have seen it take up to 5 minutes on an older system (running 
> ubuntulite). I did other tests using ubuntu lite (which is icewm based.) 
> I found that once loaded performance was useable.
> 64mb of memory. 3 minutes to load (1 with preloading).
> 128mb of memory 1 minute to load (14 seconds with preloading).
> (all tests done on a ibm 300mhz pii).

I've had similar problems with Openoffice, which I have found
frustrating even on a 400mHz G3.  Since the issue is mainly loading,
though, I think it might become more usable once suspend2 is
integrated innto the vanilla kernel and (hopefully) enabled by default
in ubuntu (with any luck this will be dapper + 1).  Since resuming
from suspend if very rapid, the loading problem will become less

So, not an argument for including OOo in xubuntu-desktop, but yet
another reason why suspend2 is a killer feature.


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