Xubuntu Graphics

Colin McDermott colmcd at optusnet.com.au
Sat Feb 11 01:15:10 UTC 2006

Honestly. The usability of both inkscape and the Gimp is way beyond most 
users.  It's fine to have them on there but can we have a normal paint 
program like tuxpaint or xfpaint for the average user migrating from 
windows? These packages are reasonably small in size too.
> Yeah, I understand Inkscape may not be aimed to 'most people' but on the
> other hand, including will give chances for these people to get to know
> it and use it. Including such powerful apps. will also give us
> advantages considering we have more space than GNOME or KDE based CD's.

Colin McDermott
Reboot Computer Reuse centre
Ubuntu Lite

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