Michael Moore stuporglue at
Fri Feb 10 23:38:47 UTC 2006

> I understand the need to stick with apps that perform well on older
> machines, but OpenOffice is the cross-platform standard these days,
> and I think it should be included with any install even though it will
> be slow on older machines.
> Just $.02.

Have you used OO.o on an old machine? If so, what was your experience,
and how old was the machine? On PIs, I find that programs like Firefox
are barely usable, and I know OO.o uses a lot more memory than

Note that it's not as much a processor speed issue, but rather how
much memory they use and how slow old disks are when you start
swapping halfway through the program startup.

While I would consider OO.o to be part of a good distro for modern
machines, if PIs are prevalant in Xubuntu's target audience, I don't
think it's inclusion by default would be a good idea.

Michael Moore
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