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Fri Feb 10 17:02:00 UTC 2006

Ok good point.

i agree with that. I'm a web developer/coder and a content writer but
this are my needs. i do agree that it is not the common needs. and i
do have apt-get to solve all my probs. We can even put a copy/paste
line on the wiki to turn xubuntu on a graphic station, office station,
multimedia station, file sharing station, etc etc etc


On 2/10/06, j Mak <joz_mak at> wrote:
> Recently, I've converted my friend's 13 year old daughter to Linux because
> her windows got infected every one or two months with viruses and spy-ware.
> Now, she uses Ubuntu and happy because she can visit all the virus infected
> download sites without being afraid of getting viruses. But to make her
> satisfied I had to install a few additional programs like  Limewire, mplayer
> with the codecs and dvd libraries and F-Spot; now she can do the same things
> with Linux she got used to doing on the windows. This gave me a chance to
> learn about her and her friend's surfing and user habits, and helped me to
> figure what were the most important of programs teenagers couldn't live
> without.
> - a messenger program like Gaim for chatting
> - a file exchange program like Limewire
> - a good music player
> - a video program, like mplayer
> - an image viewer that can retrieve images from cameras, like F-Spot
> If xubuntu is intended for the average users rather than specialists, I
> think the default applications should reflect this. From this point of view
> the Gimp, Inkscape, Dia are not even necessary to be included in the default
> setup. Those who want to use xubuntu as a graphic platform can easily
> download and install them from the repositories. More important are the
> basic apps that mainstream users, with all probability, will use everyday,
> like the ones I mentioned above. Because if they cannot do things they want
> out of the box they get quickly frustrated.
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