Xubuntu Graphics

Oblio apa_chioara at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 9 22:54:01 UTC 2006

> F-Spot. It
> is an image viewer,  it also imports images from
> cameras; far more versatile than gthumb.
> I installed it for some of  the  people I
> know--who are just learning Linux and everyone liked
> it. 
>      J. Mak

AFAIK F-Spot is Mono or something. If so, it's
definitely OUT!.

Graphic apps:
- Gimp - paramount - there's basically no other GTK2
image editor - exceptn TuxPaint and Mtpaint (Mtpaint
doesn't have a package)
- Inkscape - useful
- Dia - useful too, but not vital
- GIMV is nice; Xzgv too; Gtksee, Gthumb, etc... I'd
vote vor GIMV (G-something Image Viewer) or Xzgv
- NVU is crap :) - to put it mildly - don't put
anything for devel, let the user choose (he should be
advanced enough); if you have too, there are only a
few options: NVU is good for WYSIWYG HTML editing, as
a FrontPage, not Photoshop derivative :), Screem is
good, Bluefish is nice

IMHO, only Gimp + imageviewer (GIMV) should be
included, the rest should be optional.

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