Rox apps

Oblio apa_chioara at
Fri Feb 3 14:46:20 UTC 2006

> there doesn't seem to be too many we don't already
> have in a form or
> another.

I do agree that we do have most of their functionality
in some form or another, but the download manager is
interesting, and wallpaper+menu could fill the role of

> for archiver hopefully xarchive or xarchiver will be
> used once they enter
> debian - they're
> both 'intent to package' so far.

A GUI for an archiver is badly needed. Most people
seem to think that WinRAR is the best archiver in the
world :)

> and the problem is packaging and testing them, they
> seem to be only tested
> by rox and am not sure how hard.
> if they're not in debian there must be a reason ;)

I believe that most of them are quite new, Rox seems
to be rather active these days. I believe they mainly
use another packaging system (Zeroinstall), that's why
they don't have .debs.

> as for lighter desktop and ubuntulite, unfortunately
> I don't have time for
> that so unless others step in and do packaging
> and testing we just go with xfce.

I'll try to see if I can do something. 


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