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Date: Feb 3, 2006 9:56 AM
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daniele favara wrote:
>>>is it even possible to add en entry where there are home and filesystem ?
>>No, the gtk bookmarks are shown below the separator. Above the
>>separator, only "Home", "File System" and removable devices will be shown.
> i think this is not really in line with your way to develop, but it
> would help very much to have the possibility to show volumes, do you
> think it could be possible for the moment to use desktop files for
> that?
> [Desktop Entry]
> Name=Usbstick
> Dev=/dev/sda1
> FSType=auto
> Icon=harddrive
> MountPoint=/mnt/flash
> Type=FSDevice
> X-XFCE-Dynamic-Device=true
> [Desktop Action Mount]
> Exec=pmount %v
> [Desktop Action Umount]
> Exec=pumount %v
> [Desktop Action Open]
> Exec=thunar %d

Thunar does this already (atleast on FreeBSD):

It just lacks the Linux/HAL implementation of the ThunarVfsVolume and
ThunarVfsVolumeManager interfaces, which I will work on during the weekend.

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