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daniele favara danjele at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 07:44:17 UTC 2006

On 2/3/06, Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Okay how would users mount a floppy disk?
> >
> >
> thunar in svn has just added volumes/mounting support for but only for bsd
> platforms.
> maybe a linux version is not that far.

that shouldn't be a problem ... as i told in my own opinion a file
manager that has mount support should have a pmount support too, that
means a way to recognize new attached devices .. not just to read

this could be a typical case:

 /dev/hda1 ---> /                [fstab]    ---> /
 /dev/hda2 ---> swap         [fstab]    ----> None
 /dev/hda3 ---> windows    [fstab]    ----> /media/windows
 /dev/fd0    ---> floppy        [fstab]    ----> /media/floppy
 /dev/hdc   ---> cdrom        [removable] ----> /media/cdrom
  `-(could even be in fstab)

the cdrom can be mounted using a volume manager, all the others can't ...

then a new usbstick has been  attached:

/dev/sda1 ---> usbstick  [removable] ---> /media/usbstick

the "media" folder should contain all the devices mount points, the
user knows that  everything in there is a "device" and he can access
data opening that directory.

i think an r-click should shows the *[same options]*, rox-filer can
(u)mount devices in fstab .... thunar has not mount features ...
still.  That's why i think thunar is better.

If i'm not wrong jani told he would have a "places" plugin for the
panel ... and i think that could be the solution ... Thunar to browse
the files ... and something else to access and list devices ...
something like the "computer resources" in windows.

there are then desktop icons .... where r-click can show "mount|umount|open".

Back to the case i presented ... desktop icons:

home --> open
[*] computer resources ---> open
hda3 --> open|mount|umount
floppy --> open|mount|umount
cdrom --> open|mount|umount|eject
usbstick --> open|mount|umount (or somthing like "safe removal")

[*] computer resources can be a panel, it reads desktop files and acts
in the same way as the icons on the desktop, i will show you an
exemple as soon as i'll have the time to complete what i'm doing. This
can be useful if thunar will be the choice and it will not support
"volumes". For dapper+1 it will , i'm sure



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