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Oblio apa_chioara at
Thu Feb 2 19:13:37 UTC 2006

Jani, I believe I struck gold :)
 All small, GTK2 apps. Some config tools, some other utilities.
 Very interesting. And low fat too :) - very few dependencies.
 Try them.
 I'm not sure about how easy it is to package them, but some of them seem to be worth the effort.
 A customized Rox setup could be used for older computer (with Oroborox or something),  to please the Ubuntulite crowd :)
 I don't believe that a Rox desktop would be much more slower than IceWM + Idesk & co, and it surely is better looking, and more modern.
 Erik, about Xfmedia - I do believe that for the moment it's too basic. Looks promising, but not quite there. 
 Good work anyway ;)
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