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Wed Feb 1 19:17:52 UTC 2006

On 2/1/06, Alan <almoser at> wrote:
> The problem is going to be with Gstreamer, no Quod Libet.  I think that
> Gstreamer might be a better desion the Xine to use as Xubuntu media backend,
> just becuase it is modular, and from what I can tell, it uses less
> processing power, and uses less memory.

quod-libet has been proposed previously and remains to be seen if we go with
One problem is that gstreamer 0.8 is about to be demoted to universe as
ubuntu switches to 0.10. This is the
reason kubuntu dapper will use xine as a backend as their media apps still
have not been ported to
gst - 0.10. So quod-libet will need to switch in time for dapper to be
How did you measure it taking up 50Mb vs xfmedia's 150Mb. Both seem huge to

Regarding itunes/rhythmbox it may be only me but I find that interface very
confusing. The classical winamp/xmms style
is more to my tastes. This happens to be true for most people I know coming
from windows.

And gstreamer gives me the impression (but it may be just totem and
rhythmboxes fault as installed by ubuntu)
that it is a highly modular and advanced media streaming framework with
pluggable backends and whatnot which incidentally may help you play some
media files _if_ you're lucky. xine OTOH seems to just do the one thing it
was meant to do, but it does it well.

The decision so far is go with xfmedia, but the last word is Daniel Chen's
since he knows this area very well.

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