Artwork update

jmak jozmak at
Thu Dec 21 03:09:39 UTC 2006

Hi all,

Here are the artworks completed so far.

1) Wallpaper and gdm background. Now, the same graphic serves both functions.
	I tried to come up with a color that goes both with the blue and the
gray tango icon  sets. But the gray icon set still looks much better.
The download link is on the art wiki page, please install them to see
the impact.

2) Logo and the login box.
	The logo with the login-box; they are glassified. I used the new
vertical logo arrangement that has become one of the official ubuntu

3) Modified Xubuntu.xml file. --Attached to this email.

4) Brand new usplashes.
	a) 640x480
	b) 800x600
	c) 1024x768
	d) 1365x768

5) Progress bar.
	The basic edgy progress-bar concept remained except I changed the
colors slightly.
Please test them, if possible install and evaluate everything contextually.

Logo, background and Xubuntu.xml path: /usr/share/gdm/themes/xubuntu

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