docs for feisty

Luzius Thoeny lucius.antonius at
Mon Dec 18 20:04:33 UTC 2006

Jani Monoses wrote:
> Hello Luzi, Mdke and other former and future contributors to the desktop 
> guide and the rest of the documentation effort :)
> If you have plans and time for xubuntu feisty documentation please let 
> the list know about what you intend to do and where you need help.
> thanks
> Jani
I would like to get some work done on Xubuntu documentation, but my time 
is very limited. what needs most work at the moment is fixing the build 
system of the Desktop Guide. i don't have a very clear view as to how it 
ought to work, but in any case we should watch and follow this closely:

Next step would be bringing the content of the guide up to date. some 
help on this (even just ideas or pointing out missing parts / problems) 
would be much appreciated.


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