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Sat Dec 16 16:58:29 UTC 2006

A few tips/ideas for improving performance:

   1. You might want to look for an alternative to Amarok as it is very
   heavy and requires kde libs.
   2. If you aren't going to be using the desktop (ie. icons on the
   desktop), you could disable xfdesktop.
   3. Try changing your theme to a more light-load theme (if applicable).
   4. If you have kde and gnome services enabled at boot time, it will
   add a lot of wait time.
   5. Get a faster computer?
   6. I found 6.06 (Dapper) a bit faster then 6.10 (Edgy) but I can't say
   for sure.
   7. Ensure the xfce4 compositor is disabled (most likely is if you
   didn't enable it)
   8. Remove any unnecessary  panels or panel

Hope that helps,

Cody A.W. Somerville

On 12/16/06, Matt Price <matt.price at> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm converting my laptop to a stereo component.  It currently runs
> xubuntu edgy and has amarok installed as well.  I really prefer xfce to
> any ther lightweight wm/desktop solution -- I can hardly navigate ion3
> or windowmaker -- but I would like to figure out ways to reduce load
> time for xfce, which currently takes a while to wake up.  In its new
> home the machine will really only run amarok, and maybe giFT/giFTcurs
> and occasionally a webbrowser.  I do need the volume-manager, though, to
> connect an ipod.  Any hints on what I might do to otherwise lighten my
> load?  right now the wait times are acceptable for a computer, but
> frustrating for a stereo.
> Thanks,
> matt
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