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Matt Price matt.price at
Sat Dec 16 13:21:14 UTC 2006


I'm converting my laptop to a stereo component.  It currently runs
xubuntu edgy and has amarok installed as well.  I really prefer xfce to
any ther lightweight wm/desktop solution -- I can hardly navigate ion3
or windowmaker -- but I would like to figure out ways to reduce load
time for xfce, which currently takes a while to wake up.  In its new
home the machine will really only run amarok, and maybe giFT/giFTcurs
and occasionally a webbrowser.  I do need the volume-manager, though, to
connect an ipod.  Any hints on what I might do to otherwise lighten my
load?  right now the wait times are acceptable for a computer, but
frustrating for a stereo.  



Matt Price
History Dept
University of Toronto
matt.price at
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