Jani Monoses jani.monoses at gmail.com
Sat Dec 16 12:03:02 UTC 2006

Adam Miller wrote:
> first one i found ... gmail mail search, roughly 10-15 threads ago ...
>         Naga Gangadhar Reddy wrote:
>         >    I have recently installed xubuntu. It did not detect my
>         sound card. when
>         >  I used the  various commands(which I found on google search)
>         theout puts
>         >  are
>         >  following. Can u help me configure my sound card?? plz help me.
>     This mailing list is for development of Xubuntu, not user support.
>     Please file a bug against the linux-source-2.6.17 source package on
>     Launchpad, and the audio team will address your issue.
>     Thanks,
>     - --
>     Daniel T. Chen            crimsun at ubuntu.com <mailto:crimsun at ubuntu.com>

Indeed this was more appropiate mail for ubuntu-users or a LP bug as 
Daniel said. It would have been just as off-topic in xubuntu-users 
because it deals with non-xubuntu bits, so it has a lot more chances of 
getting answered on the ubuntu users list. Mails which are about Xfce or 
xubuntu specific software are handled on this list and now I tend to 
agree it would be better to have them elsewhere, but I think 
ubuntu-users is the place for them. Besides the obvious common apps we 
have with ubuntu, many of the ubuntu users try out thunar, abiword and 
gnumeric at least so there would be enough common themes.

So how about this: advertise on the site that ubuntu-users is for 
xubuntu user support. In a moths or so this will show how many of the 
people who needed a xubuntu user support list did not subscribe so far 
because of no obviously named list existed.If the xubuntu traffic on 
ubuntu-users tends to grow so much as to seem to add noise to what is 
generally being discussed there we can create a new list and have the 
users subscribe there.

Btw any estimates about how many of the 80-90 people on #xubuntu are 
subscribed to ubuntu-users?


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