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Hey Everyone,

If I understand correctly, the main concern is lack of interest and that
questions would end up going un-answered. I don't think this is the case

   1. There are 80-90 people on #xubuntu at all times (ie. This new ml
   will appeal to them)
   2. There are a handful of people who want to get involved and do so by
   helping answering questions on IRC. I feel that these individuals would most
   certainly subscribe to this new ml as well.
   3. Just because we split this ml, doesn't mean that developers who
   would be willing to help answer questions could not subscribe to the new ml.
   4. Kubuntu and Ubuntu both have -users ml (and I think Edubuntu might
   as well) - Better to have one then not have one.
   5. You currently have to subscriber to -devel and there is a lot of
   traffic on -devel that isn't applicable to users which results in them
   un-subscribing or ignoring mail from this list.

- Cody A.W. Somerville

On 12/15/06, Jani Monoses <jani.monoses at gmail.com> wrote:
> Adam Miller wrote:
> > There has already been occasions where xubuntu users have posted to the
> > devel list and been told not to post questions here because it is for
> > development discussion. Worst case scenario with a xubuntu-users list,
> Hmm, both you and Ian said this. Can you point me to a mail/thread where
> this happened, I must have overlooked it. AFAIK we always advertised
> this list as the one where users can get answers.
> We should state this on the wbesite prominently. Or to really gauge if
> there's a need for a new list ask ubuntu-users subscribers on their take
> on it, and since there are already xfce question there whether they'd
> mind making that the official ist for xubuntu users. I've just looked at
> the last days worth of mail there and there is very little gnome/ubuntu
> specific it mostly applies to xubuntu and the common base system. One
> concern may be that it is high volume.
> Jani
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