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On 12/15/06, Foxy <foxy at on-the-hill.me.uk> wrote:
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> I agree with Jani. With xubuntu-users list we can have a situation when
> people are asking questions but no one answers them. I think that as
> soon as the number of user related questions on xubuntu-development
> becomes substantial to justify a separate list we should go for it.
> --

I agree that it would be bad to have too many unanswered questions on a
xubuntu-user mailing list, but I don't think we'd want to gauge user
interest by how many user-related questions are sent to this developer
mailing list.

I know that there have been a couple of emails from users on here that have
gotten a polite form of the response, "this is developer mailing list . . .
."   Surely this would discourage regular users from sending more
user-related questions here.

Maybe a better way to check would be to gauge interest in the IRC channel.
Publicizing the existence of the user mailing list (in some way shape or
form) would also help get it off the ground.  Maybe we could put a news
blurb on xubuntu.org and get a note about it included in the Ubuntu
newsletter that gets created every week or so . . .


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