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Mon Dec 11 18:08:58 UTC 2006


At the last meeting Cody Somerville gave me a job in cooperation with other
Ubuntu teams. I'm looking at the Marketing team right now and would like
some input.

To market Xubuntu Xubuntu needs an image. Some goals it wants to fill, how
it fills them, and what's cool about Xubuntu. Both as a part of Ubuntu and
as a stand alone distro.

So, what are, from a dev's point of view, the goals of Xubuntu, and how does
it fill them? How do you want people to see Xubuntu, what do you want them
to think of when the hear Xubuntu? What just totally rocks about Xubuntu?

There's been a little talk about a Firefox Flicks-like video campaign in the
ubuntu-marketing mailing list. What sort of things would you put in a
Xubuntu advertisement?

What sort of marketing image should Xubuntu have?

Once I have your input I'll also ask normal users, and then think of some
proposal for the Ubuntu Marketing team. We'll get Xubuntu some marketing.


aka Josh
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