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Tommy Trussell tommy.trussell at
Fri Dec 8 15:40:43 UTC 2006

Follow-up message...

On 12/7/06, Frarquit <frarquit at> wrote:
 >  1. How could I access the printer? Using the setserial command? If so,
> whitch are the parameters? or Will I have to recompile the kernel again? and
> configuring which modules?

To activate the serial ports in an Old World Mac (or presumably a New
World Mac with a third-party serial card), add


to your /etc/modules file. (If you're compiling your kernel you could
just compile it in.)

Mine have worked fine with very little tweaking on this PowerBook G3
(Wallstreet II/PDQ) -- it has three serial devices -- the printer
port, internal modem, and the IRDA (infrared) port, all apparently
properly configured when I load the pmac_zilog module. You can see the
which /dev entries they got using the dmesg command. I use my serial
port to sync my Palm M100 using jpilot.

If you have a serial modem or something to test with, you can install
the minicom terminal program to confirm the port is working OK on

You may be on your own setting up the printer, however... it has been
years since I configured a serial printer and I have never done it
using CUPS. On my serial Mac printer (a Canon BJC4550) it also had a
parallel port so I moved it to a PC running ubuntu where CUPS plus
TurboPrint have printed fine for several years. Unfortunately the
printer died just this week. ;-(

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