tuXlab and xubuntu

Jonathan Carter jonathan at ubuntu.com
Fri Dec 8 10:15:22 UTC 2006

Hi John

john levin wrote:
> 1: using XFCE, from Xubuntu, in place of gnome to relieve the strain on 
> the X server.
> 2: a live vd chooser, that allows a graphical install (in 128mb ram) 
> without having to boot into the full desktop
> Lots of other cool stuff as well, like a very cool online assistant. 
> More details can be found at http://www.tuxlab-os.co.za/ (not yet 
> available for general download - due 2007).
> It's worth considering how tuxlab-os and xubuntu could work together, in 
> bug-squashing and documentation, for example.

I consider us to have a good relationship going already. Jani got the
LTSP install option in Xubuntu to help make things easier for us, in
return, we did some testing and made sure that the LTSP install option
on the Xubuntu CD works. I also contributed some of my time to get the
Xubuntu website going. Xubuntu is indeed a great platform for schools,
and I think from our side we'll be happy to work together more closely
where possible.


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