Replacements for ThunderBird and FireFox

Jim Campbell jwcampbell at
Wed Dec 6 21:20:44 UTC 2006

How about Ice Weasel and Ice Dove.  :)  (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

I agree with the sentiments of others on this.  From what I've seen, Xubuntu
is largely being considered for systems running 128mb of RAM and up.
Systems with those specs should be able to run Firefox and Thunderbird, even
if a bit slowly.  Though Xubuntu's strength is that it is relatively light
and fast, systems with less than 128mb of RAM may likely be better off
running a different distro.


On 12/6/06, Oblio <apa.chioara at > wrote:
> > Has anyone tried Skipstone?
> >
> > It aims to be a light and fast gecko browser, in GTK with few
> > dependencies.
> >
> > John
> Poorly mantained and developed apps should be out of the question for
> any self respecting distro. That puts out Links-hacked, Dillo, Skipstone,
> and a lot of mail clients.
> Why? Simple. A program which doesn't do what it's supposed to do (for
> example Dillo has no CSS suport, AFAIK), or can't be repaired if a problem
> occurs (Links-hacked), is worse than a problem that does everything
> required,
> albeit sloooowly.
> 0.5 > 0. Something is better than nothing :)
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